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Health & Diet

Food is a vital part of our lives and much of our time is spent in its preparation. Everyone has different needs and requirements for food according to their age and sex, their health condition, their daily activity, the climate in which they live, their likes, dislikes, food customs and taboos.

The preparation and consumption of food is also influenced by:

- The interest and motivation of the person who is preparing the food
- The culinary abilities and skills of the food preparer
- The time and the facilities that are available for preparing food
- The foods that are available
- The income available to be spent on food

Appetite and the desire to eat food are also affected by:

- The color, appearance, and presentation of the food
- The taste, smell and texture of the food
- The surroundings and atmosphere in which the food is eaten

Health & Diet

Health & Diet
Food is a vital part of our lives and much of our time is spent in its preparation. Everyone has different needs and requirements for food according to their age and sex ..more

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Health & Diet - Cook it All

Until fairly recently, meals were a very time consuming part of family life. Long and elaborate, preparation was often involved, and the whole family would sit down together to eat in a leisurely manner.

Food habits have changed to fit in with rapidly changing lifestyles. The increase in shift-working more women going out to work, and television viewing at mealtimes, have all contributed towards a general reduction in the time spent in preparing food and eating meals, and often one or more members of the family will be absent at mealtimes.

Advances in kitchen technology, such as the introduction of freezers and microwave cookers, have helped to reduce the time spent on food preparation. Convenience foods and ‘instant’ meals are also important factors in this change.

There is now a great variety of foods to choose from in the shops, due to advances in food production, technology, transport and storage. A vast number of foods are imported from overseas, and foreign restaurants and take-away food shops have also contributed in people’s eating habits.

Meals still have to be planned, however, and individual needs have to be considered. Few people work out a detained weekly plan for their meals, and bye their food strictly according to that plan. But in some cases this long-term mean planning is necessary in catering establishments such as canteens, hospital kitchens, restaurants and hotels, it is of vital importance.

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